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Kristinah and Christopher

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Spiller Hall

Now – As we prepare to take our relationship to the "next level", we find ourselves reflecting on the fun and distressing times that we have shared together in great frequency, allowing the introspection for us to see how beautiful our relationship is and how truly grateful we are to have met at the University of Oregon.

Although it was not "love at first sight", we had an instantaneous friendship that took merely one week to develop after our initial dorm meeting for Spiller Hall. From the many shared sporting events, walks to class, and nearly daily movie nights with our core dorm-mates, our prompt friendship only strengthened. With the loss of our dearest friend, Connor, during the final trimester of our freshman year, we shared a caring for one another that transcended the love we thought we could have for a single person.

Throughout the remainder of our undergraduate studies and then graduate school, we continued to refine our educational values, career goals, and morals with the unwavering support that we have shared for each other since our first year of college almost eight years ago (2016).

With a stint of long-distance, two shared apartments, and one PERFECT dog later, we know that we have both the individual and shared resiliency and all-consuming love that will last always and forever.

We are forever grateful to you, Spiller Hall.