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Kristinah & Christopher — Minted




Our People

Andrew Arreola

Best Man

Andrew is Chris’s younger brother and likes to call Andrew his “first friend,” as he was just two years old when Andrew was born and brought into Chris’s life. The two have shared almost everything—a love of introspection, curiosity, athletics, music, etc. There’s no one Chris has probably argued with more (civilly, of course) or laughed with more than Andrew. Andrew is curious, inquisitive, intellectual, and an incredible friend and brother. Chris is fortunate to live so close to Andrew in Brooklyn and is grateful to have his “first friend” as his best man.

Alec Scott


Chris and Alec have been what could essentially be described as “lifelong forever friends.” Meeting in 6th grade, Chris and Alec have been close ever since. From connecting on their love of music and lacrosse, or simply sharing a meal, Chris and Alec are the kind of friends that never tire of each other. They’ve shared life milestones together in their transitions from middle school to college, living in Los Angeles and beyond. Through it all, their connection, friendship, and companionship have reigned supreme. Alec is sweet, kind, intellectual and incredibly passionate about life. Alec is one of the most loyal friends a person could ask for.

Alexander Arreola


Alexander is Chris’s youngest brother. There are too many words to write in a short excerpt, but Alexander is truly a one-of-a-kind person. His generosity, kindness, and selflessness are something Chris looks up to as an older brother. Chris has seen him grow up to be a wonderful person with varied interests, hobbies, and an appetite for adventure that anyone would gravitate towards. Whether it’s taco truck runs, hiking, playing basketball, or sharing jokes, Alexander brings happiness to everyone around him. Chris is so lucky to be Alexander’s brother.

Anna Bartels-Newton


Both in their first post-graduate school job as Adolescent and Family Therapists in NYC, Anna and Kristinah became fast-friends. As they navigated the complexity of their work with the extreme highs and lows that it offered, the compassion, knowledge, and drive that Anna consistently offered to Kristinah made for a perfect co-worker and all-around amazing friend. From work meetings to outings with our remarkable group of friends, Anna invariably shines her "silly goose" energy and empathic nature on everyone she encounters, making her nothing short of the best human to have in your corner.

Chloe Arreola


The youngest of the Arreola siblings, Kristinah has been able to watch Chloe grow up since she was 7-years-old! Throughout the years of family gatherings, watching movies, and exploring all of Chloe's growing interests in music and theater, Chloe and Kristinah have developed a great friendship. Chloe's witty and kind soul makes for not only a good friend, but an even better sister that Kristinah is grateful to soon call her own!

Cody Strehlow


Chris considers Cody, a lifelong friend, as they met in 7th grade in Salem, Oregon. Cody is creative and artistic and has a thirst for life that Chris profoundly admires. Cody is a talented musician, rock climber, and fellow dog parent! Cody brings an incredibly calming energy and a relaxing presence that makes people around him feel grounded and accepted. Everyone would be better off if they had a friend like Cody to call their own.

Danica Chin


As Danica and Kristinah somehow became more social during the 6:00am shift at their job senior year of undergrad, their connection was undeniable. Filled with numerous shared meals, bar hopping, and studying for finales, Danica made Kristinah's undergraduate experience complete. From a shared trip back to Eugene, OR to visiting each other in Austin, TX and NYC throughout the years, Danica has never faltered as the ride-or-die that she will always be.

Declan Forberg


Chris met Declan while they were living in Los Angeles. Chris loves Declan's sense of humor, as he considers Declan to genuinely be one of the funniest people Chris has ever met. He never fails to make everyone in the room laugh. They quickly shared a bond over baseball and comedy. Declan is sweet, sentimental and profoundly prioritizes those close to him. Chris admires Declan’s attention and the care he gives to those packed in his life. When you’re in Declan’s circle, you sincerely feel accepted and cared for. Chris is fortunate to call Declan a friend.

Kimberly Becerra


From being introduced by mutual friends in 7th grade, spending countless high school lunch breaks together, matching tattoos, and attending numerous Dodgers games on school breaks, Kimmy and Kristinah have truly become adults together. From their shared love of trying new restaurants, being around dogs, and speed-walking wherever they go, Kimmy has remained the most genuinely loving friend that anyone is lucky to know.

Pedro Garcia


Pedro and Chris met each other when they were both living in Los Angeles. From visiting each other in Chicago and New York to hosting a podcast together, Chris and Pedro share an intrinsic bond by virtue of their cultural connections, making their friendship that much more valuable to Chris. Pedro is a person that makes you feel necessary. He brings attention and care to any conversation he’s in. Whether you’re a stranger or his lifelong friend, Pedro treats you like you’re family.

Riley Shaffer


As one of the first people that Kristinah met during freshman year sorority recruitment, Riley and Kristinah ended up in the same sorority and instantly knew that they were forever-friends. Throughout the many shared experiences of undergrad to then attending separate grad schools, both for their Master's in Social Work (but in typical extraordinary Riley fashion, she went for her dual degree in Master's of Public Health as well), Riley and Kristinah remain interconnected in a beautiful friendship that will last a lifetime. Riley's adventurous, considerate, and lovable personality makes everyone's life considerably better knowing that they have such a brilliant friend by their side.

Samantha Smith


After meeting in 9th grade when Kristinah introduced Sam to Hot Cheetos, their friendship immediately took off. From the sleepovers and many dinner dates in high school, Sam and Kristinah created lasting memories with a friendship flourishing throughout their years in college, starting careers, and now being married women (well, soon-to-be!). Sam's charismatic and caring nature has made her one of the best friends a person could ask for.

Penelope & Adeline

flower girls

Quite possibly the most adorable children.. ever, (I mean, look at them) Penny and Addie are Kristinah's cousins that always know how to put a smile on anyone's face. Whether it's coloring, playing with the dogs, or going out on adventures, it's an endless amount of fun with the girls.